Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Arapiles adventure!

Sunset little desert park

Arapiles again!

Arapiles...great view

No diving in the non-existent Natimuk lake

Queen of my castle!

We spent the previous weekend travelling around the Grampians/Arapiles area in a little rental car. And it was amazing!

We stayed in a deserted campground in a basic, but ancient caravan. Once upon a time it was apparently a popular holiday spot, but a few years back the lake it is beside dried up.

This gives the campground a kind of sad/creepy air...there is signs around the lake warning people not to dive in the lake, or swim in the water sking lane..and a jetty that leads to nowhere.

The boyfriend managed to get in a bit of rock climbing, and we climbed to the top of the Arapiles...the view was amazing, and well worth the gut busting climb!

The Grampians were also beautiful, even in the rain...there is so much wildlife!

Even though I did'nt think there would be any op shops open the weekend, I was lucky and noticed one open when we drove back through Beaufort.

And I scored a sweet wee tan leather clutch with an oversized button toggle.

love it!

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