Sunday, May 10, 2009

epic journey to savers

Today the boyfriend and I decided ( as in I decided and the boyfriend followed) to go to Savers in Frankston. So far I have been to three Savers since we moved here, and I have decided that Frankston Savers is the best, as it seems to have more stuff, and lots of nice pieces.
As we have no car we travel by foot, or public transport...which is not always on time, or even running for that matter.
Which was the case today, as part of the Frankston train line was being repaired, because we could not bear the thought of making the last part of our journey via a windy bus route we decided to head to Dandenong Savers instead.
I have read some reviews of Savers that report Dandenong being one of the best, but I found it to be pretty average, esp the mens area. There was'nt much in the womens clothing area either, though I did pick up a bright purple dress, an awesome pair of dark denim jeans, and an unusual cardi (all now in the wash!).
BUT, the book area was a libary, and if you have small feet (ie size 8 and under) there are lots of cute vintage style leather shoes, piles of them...go check it out..if you live in Melbourne!
I attempted to wear in a pair of my vintage all leather heels feet are killing me!
This is the first time I have worn the high-waisted jeans/tucked in top combo, and i'm not so sure it works? What do you guys think?

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  1. I think it looks great! I love all the blues and golds. Your bangles are particularly lovely. The high-waisted jeans don't look particularly high-waisted to me? But maybe that is just the picture? It's still a great outfit. And your hair has just the right amount of 70s wind-blowness to it ;)