Friday, March 27, 2009

Blah Blah

Am feeling a bit blah......
We head off to Melborne in a week and have no money and no jobs lined up, but we have to go because there is no work here! ( the boyfriend got made redundant a few weeks ago, and lines up with heaps of other guys every morning at the job agency looking for work!)
Hopefully we find something!
I found this dress ages ago, but shortend it and took it in last weekend, but I still don't like it...i'm so fussy!
I can't believe how many dresses I have...over 40! And I had sold around 20....but it barely made a dent in my collection.
Mum and I have spent the day cutting my wardrobe down to an acceptable level ( ie - will actully fit in my suitcase) and I made my sisters wedding cake...three actully looks pretty good!
hope all you guys are having a great day!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Monday, March 9, 2009

Did nothing today...

just slopped aroud killing time before i went to work, but i threw this on to go to the tattoo palour to organise my next tattoos.
I got this top from cotton on a few months is a size XL (very depressing) but i find their sizes super small, i'm pretty flat chsted and tend to wear a size 10 - 12 up top !
so i loved the top and brought it in a "must buy something!" mood last time i was in chch. Then i wore it the whole day and decided it was too small and i felt fat so i banished it to the bottom of my draws..
And there it stayed, until last week when i ran out of clean tops(the perils of shift work!) and i had to put it on...and it DOES fit, and its so comfy and i love it!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

the birthday boy...

Today it was the boyfriends 'unoffical' birthday...technicaly it is his real birthday tomorrow...but i'm working tomorrow so we had it today!
I spent the morning at the car boot markets, and i got this fab skirt...its really more red than my stupid camera shows, and its a weird length, but i kinda like it!

I wore this to go hunt for my treasures...i found the t-shirt for $4 at the car boot markets a few weeks ago...i'm hoping the scary tiger face will scare off people trying to buy things i like at the markets! I also got a kimono style dress, a silky bodysuit, a cute wee jersy and the sweetest book, full of old valentines day cards and the stories behind them...its so, well, sweet!?

the birthday boy!

I found him a whole pile of secondhand t-shirts (it took me ages to find them in good nick and in colours he would wear and in the right size!) and i got him a brain tease thing, plus the bike i got him a few weeks back!lucky boy!!

then i made him a lovely dinner (if i do say so myself)

hes already planning my bday!?


My outfit..the best I could come up with after I had slept in!

I want all of this....especially the nesting tables..

They wanted over $400 for this formica table and chair set...I laughed quietly to myself, I I have a bigger table, in better condition, that I paid only $50 for, after smiling nicely at the guy at the local climbing centre! (the boyfriend is an avid rock climber, and i was bored..)

I want all of this too...except for the lamp! I already have the crown lynn swan..

The clothing racks...some lovely stuff, but I am soooooo very poor

Today the boyfriend and I went to the antique and retro fair in sunny Nelson, it was great!Most things were too expensive for me, but i managed to pick up some old school journals and a beautifully illustrated russian fairytale book from the 70's!The story was a bit bloodthirsty, but just when i thought the ending was going to be sad, the book took a magical turn and everything had a happy ending!As fairytales do......

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Shopping day!

so today i went shopping again, and i also have failed to figure out how to get my posts looking organised, the pictures are all over the place!i think i will end up having to ask the lovely Ana B at how to do this stuff!
The top picture is the alpaca jumper i found at the local car boot sales, i fell in love with this because of the neckline, it is black ,red, and white embroided in a kind of floral aztec pattern, its label says it was made in mexico, 1971!?The next photo is of my new oversize super soft light grey wool jumper, i love the pattern on it(see next photo down), and the price, it cost me 33 cents!( i got three things for $1) i can see that this jumper will be a staple over winter......
The next two photos down show my new dress and jacket, and bracelet, which i got from savemart...i love savemart...i have been to every one in the south island (i believe that the invercargill one is best for retro/vintage)! I haven't been to the north island yet (i know!) but me and the boyfriend now plan to move to wellington in 5 months, so i will have a whole new island to explore!
Anyway, back to the new dress.....i saw it on the rack and new i HAD to have it and that it HAD to fit me...even though its a size 10...and by some kind of miricle it does!admitedly it is a bit firm under the bust, but who cares, it gives me great cleavage, and believe me that is a hard thing for me to get!i love the details at the top of the dress and the soft cotton fabric...
The jacket is a handmade has a wee label in it that says " fiona margetts, seamstress", i love it!its such a cute wee jacket, so comfy!
The next two pictures are of another 33cent number, its such a beautiful dress, its sheer and changes colour in the light, but somebody has mistreated it terribly and it has big holes torn in the skirt, so i plan to shorten it and make it into a top...i love the frills!
and then we have me in my brand new dress from stax...i plan to wear it at my sisters hens party, with my new shoes from the wharehouse(of all places!) and the velvet blazer i found at the car boot markets........
And finally, this photo shows what i actully wore today, while i was finding all my new treasures!
I am finally starting to feel better, after being struck down by a tummy bug last week, and we have started packing our stuff we are heading to melbourne for 4 months in a few weeks!i am so excited!