Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Despite the fact it is summer here i decided to wear my new
wool dress today...in my defense it was coldish today!
I scored this dress at savemart, it cost a whole $7 and fits me perfectly, i love it!
i've had my super warm scarf for ages, i think i got it in new york somewhere? it is lost in the dark corners of my memory!
the other star in these photos is my beautiful cat harry, he was a 25th bday pressie from the boy, and i am currently torn and devestated because i am heading to Melbourne in a few months and i have to give him up!
i think i have found him a good new home, but he and i are like peas and carrots and it is making me very sad..
And i have offically gone three days now without any ice cream or chocolate........!its a mircle!
is anybody else watching the meteor mini series? its really a bit depressing!?

Saturday, January 24, 2009

What a great weekend! me and the boy spent a few days camping round marlbrough...stayed the first night in pelourus (so beautiful, but so many mossies!). The airbed sprung a leak and made for a very uncomfortable night...invested in a foam mattress for the next night. Thanks to the uncomfortable sleep i was up really early and took all these misty pictures of the river, the boy kept on sleeping though, men can sleep through anything!

Our next stop was Blenheim for the car boot market, it was scorcing hot, but nothing was going to stop me from finding some bargins! not much there in the way of clothes, but i did find a weird little book about being a nurse in the 50's, i found it fascinating as i too am a nurse, it lists, among other things....how to wash a patient, make a bed (with diagrams!) and keeps refering to the doctor as a male....

I also scored the cutest little photo album, in almost perfect condition :->

And a great pair of togs, probably from the 80's, but they have the little skirt this and they look great on (well i think so anyway!), plus i love how bright they are....

It was so hot for the time we were there i lived in my maxi dresses, both from Jay jay's, not a place i usually shop because the fabric tends to be a bit..well...crap, and the dresses are way too short for the likes of me!but i love these two dresses, they are so comfy on hot days!the jewlery is all from opshops, except my moonstone and silver pendant from Melbourne(which you can't see!) . The boy and i are moving there later in the year and i can't wait!

This week i have set myself the challange of NO ice cream or chocolate, i am addictted to both and it has been bothering me for a while, it will be hard, i hope i can do it!

wish me luck...

p.s i forgot, i also found the most dinky little deckchair with rockers instead of legs..for only $2.

Monday, January 19, 2009

the suprise was good, a pair of cute earrings in the shape of wee bulls(my star sign), and o cool oil burner thing! ( the kind of handmade things you can only get in Takaka!). Am on night shifts at the mo, am soooo very tired.....

Sunday, January 18, 2009

I cleaned and reorganised the whole house today...how good am i!. This is what I wore before i cleaned the house...

Spent the first part of the morning eating my way around the bay..i was hungry!

Three ice creams (i love icecream), one wrap, one strawberry tart(very yummy), and some hot piklets(courtesy of mum) later i was finally satisfied, and had driven all over the place, so thought i should finally do the cleaning!

The skirt is from the red cross, the T-shirt from supre and the shoes from colorado...its been AGES since ive even owned a skirt, but im pretty happy with this one.

The boyfriend is still away, but he tells me he has got a surprise...hes back tomorrow, if its good ill tell you what it is!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Yes, i have worn the floral dress below before, but I finally found a pair of tights today that fit...a mircle!i always find that no matter what the packet says, tights never fit me...my legs are somewhat generous!the last pair i found that fit i brought in the UK in the plus size womens area...and dont even get me started on trying to find knee high boots *sigh*, dreams are free..

At the moment it is 2 in the morning in lovely Nelson...and pouring with rain outside, and I cant sleep so i decided to give my new tights and ankle boots a whirl..
The second dress i got for $3 at the red cross shop a couple of days ago, it was much longer then this so ive taken it up, and it has cute fabric with little acorns and oak leaves all over it!but..
I'm not sure i actully LIKE it...it might grow on me..
I've spent the day at the markets and sewing up a whole pile of dresses, most of which i will list on trademe or give away..i just have so many, boxes of them...and i want to see them all go to happy homes before i travel again. The scariest thing is that i have collected all these dresses in the 11 months I have been back in NZ!So if anyone is looking for a particular type of dress just tell me..it may be languishing in one of my boxes..

P.S excuse the demon cat and the messy house..the boy has gone on a rock climbing trip, and i have been slumming it!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

crappy day, terrible shift at work. Have promised myself i will never be an alcohlic or join the army. Took some good pictures yesterday of some dresses im listing on trademe...the one on the left i brought at the nelson markets, i loved it then and i still love it know, but the fabric does'nt love me!the one on the right i got off trademe a year ago...its lovely but i have too many dreses...speaking of too many i went op-shopping the other day and got a whole pile of bargins...hope to load the images soon!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

lovely day today..the sun was shining and we had nowhere we had to be!after a lazy sleep in we took the long way out to the pokororo fair and ate crepes and ice cream in the shade( neither dickie, the boy friend, or i are equiped to deal with the sun..we burn even THINKING about it!). Later on my family turned up and we all went swimming in the motueka river...it was devine..and i got to try out my new togs!

I love this dress, it fits me perfectly after only the most basic alterations, it is made out of the lightest material and its been homemade by some clever soul...so its a one off!It has the cutest shawl collar...

I got it from one of the $2 op shops in Christchurch, there used to be three of them but now there is only the one in ferrymead...its crammed with stuff!takes ages to look at everything, but its worth it cause its so cheap and I always find SOMETHING i love! I know most the op shops in Christchurch off by heart, they are stored away in my little internal thrifting map, now so are the ones in nelson!

Friday, January 9, 2009

A few of my favourite treasures....yes, I collect large china animals and kiwiana!

This dress is a bit of a partial sucess story. Brought off trademe a week ago it was a long poofy 80's style dress with an elastic waist( i HATE them!) and shoulder pads. It took me the best part of the afternoon but i hemmed it and removed the elastic waist...but it looks like i made it too short!...i dont like my knees. I think it will look better with black tights and boots...more a winter/autumn dress i think!will try it out one day and post it to see.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

so, my first proper post! my camera has died so im posting an old picture...

I got this dress in kuala lumper...after travelling for months we had next to no money, but i was hanging out to buy SOMETHING other than food..so i escaped from the money grinch ( the long suffering boy friend) and ran off in the middle of a monsoon (i soon realised this was a major flaw in my plan) to one of the huge local markets, where i found racks and racks of secondhand clothes..so to cut a long story short i found 2 dresses, one i have since sold, and this one, which i wore constantly while travelling in Australia (see smaller picture)...it has the cutest little sail boats all over it!

When i got home to NZ i got mum to take it in for me...yay!

The shoes are one of my fav pairs...super comfy..Ilove the little cardy too, i found it in a clothing bin at the recycling centre, it had no buttons so i poached some off an old skirt that had died a natural death..

I spent the day op shopping today, scored the cutest little bag and a sweet wee jumper, not that i will be wearing it being as it is so darn hot!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I have a blog!

Yay, i have a blog...now i just have to get my camera to play ball too...