Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Dandenongs

After a somewhat rocky start (got lost wandering the suburbs for an hour) the boyfriend and I rented a car and spent the day in the Dandenong ranges.
And it was lovely! The weather was perfect and the area is just stunning.

We visited the William Ricketts sanctuary, a truly amazing place, full of beautiful sculptures by an amazingly talented man.
I got the jacket above from the sallies, it was missing all its buttons and was too big...but I altered it and put on some buttons and tada! a new favourrite jacket!

These are all fired clay that were then moulded onto boulders and cliff faces, the detail is
mind- boggling!

The boyfriend posing in Olinda.
Tomorrow we are off to the Camberwell markets again...wish me luck!


  1. What a fantastic looking day trip. I love trees. And I'm being sincere about that. That's so good you can alter your thrifted things. I can't sew a bar and always have to spend so much money at the tailors. You look very cute in your red coat.

  2. The dandenongs are so pretty! I was born in fern tree gully (i think thats close) but moved to Adelaide when i was 4.
    I think u like clothes as much as i do! that said, i like your blog muchly :)